Threptin Chocolate Protein Biscuits 275g

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Delicious High Calorie Protein Supplement Chocolate Flavoured Biscuits. Cholestrol Free and Trans-Fat Free. Fortified with B-Vitamins. The Meal between Meals. Biscuit Count : 50 - 60 (Approximate) Ingredients: Sucrose, Rice Flour, Vegetable Oil, Chocolate, Malt Extract, Bengal Gram, Natural Color, Vitamins and Antioxidant. Approximate Composition Protein(Mainly Casein) 30.00g Carbohydrate 48.00g Sugar(Sucrose) 23.00g Fat 14.00g Thiamine Hydrochloride 1.06mg Riboflavine 1.26mg Nicotinamide 14.00mg Energy Value 438.00 kcal (1834.00 kj)